1. The Project “MONET – culture in MOtion in Adriatic Network of Museums”,

funded through the first call forordinary projects of the programme INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro 2014/2020 (Priority Axis 2 – Specific Objective 2.2), mainly aims to create a model network of museums and cultural sites in the programme area, according to a common methodology and through innovative services and means.

Objective of the assignment: Project and financial management.

2. Highlighting Artisanal Manufacturing, cuLture and Eco Tourism

funded through the first call for ordinary projects of the programme INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro 2014/2020 (Priority Axis 2 – Specific Objective 2.2): The overall objective of the project HAMLET is to enhance historical centres, villages and small towns, and highlight the environmental and cultural assets of the selected territories. By developing a common strategy for tourism management, the project aims to boost cooperation between Italy, Albania and Montenegro, bringing up to the same standard the level of products and services offered, gathered under a unique cross border brand, identifying the peculiarities of the Adriatic area. At the same time, the introduction of the involved areas into the tourism circuit will boost local economy, with positive effects on employment and social well-being.

Objective of the assignement: Organising of project activities such as round tables with local touristic operators, locall associations, SMEs and organisation of ADRIATIC FESTIVAL

3. UNDP Albania: Development of Blue Economy Programme.

The aim of this assignment is to develop a programmatic approach for the national Blue Economy Programme for high level officials, that will support the national maritime sector planning for a mid-term objective:

  • Develop a Stakeholders Mapping and Management Plan for every stage of the programme through meetings and consolations with relevant government and nongovernment institutions related to the Blue Economy;
  • The consultation phase will provide for the recommendations on the programmatic approach for the national Blue Economy Programme, and the consultant will develop the outline describing each phase of the programme.
  • Develop a roadmap with clear objectives and targets to be achieved at each phase of the programme, with the involvement of relevant actors;
  • Develop a resource mobilization plan for the program, where potential sources of financing for the various components of the program are identified after consultation with relevant stakeholders.

4. Prime Minister Office

Local data quality consultancy under the project “Second Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Capacity Building Support to the Implementation of the Integrated Planning System (IPS 2)”. Main objective of the assignment is strengthening the administrative capacity and IPSIS Directorate in the quality assurance aspects related to the design, development and analyses for the IPSIS development and its implementation, in order to properly assure the requested level of outputs of the IPSIS that has been contracted out, trough introducing of a proper quality standards

  • Contribute to assess a methodology for Systemic Relevance Assessment related to KPIs of IPSIS
  • Resources and Capacities for IPSIS usability: A capacity assessment for Line Ministries with regard to strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, have been prepared.
  • Assessment for the Compatibility of Strategic Documents with the Framework of Preparation of Strategic Documents and Strategic Planning at the Central and Local Level.

Main outputs:

  • 1 Comprehensive Need Analysis for the sector of Finance and Economy: analysis of quality assurance for KPIs for all the strategic framework of this sector.
  • Contribute to development of the Systemic Data National Action Plan
  • Develop a Master Data management manual for Finance and Economy Sector
  • Develop a quality data manual for Finance and Economy sector.
  • Perform on job trainings for developing KPIs and ensure data quality management.

5. European Commission. Joint Research Centre. September 2020-March 2021.

Objective of the assignment:

Improve the Quantitative Mapping Report (Albania RIS3 Mapping): for Albania Smart specialization strategy: integrate the existing analysis in order to provide a coherent document that analyses sectors and inter-sectoral domains with proven strengths and potential to drive economic transformation along the 3 dimensions of economic, research and innovation potential.

Prepare a Qualitative report (Albania RIS3):  prepare and conduct a survey and interviews of key stakeholders in the industry and other economic areas in Albania, identified as preliminary priority domains by the S3 working group of Albania, mainly based on the finding from the quantitative analysis of the mapping exercise. The survey will be carried out based on the methodology provided by the JRC and the partners from Albania.