INNOVA is an Albanian consultancy firm which aims to offer and support with a professional background in different areasĀ  of consultancy such as: Strategic planning, Analysis of Public policies, Preparing and drafting strategies, providing recommendations to central and local government in different areas such as Economics and Social Analysis, Public Finance, Environment, Agriculture, Business development and SME, Culture, Communication, Project management etc.

We collaborate with a wide network of national and international experts. Our experts and staff are professional experts with a strong background in Public Economics, Project management, Financial planning, Grant and proposal writing, Policy analysis.

We have a very good knowledge about public administration, local government and social analysis. The founder and core staff possesses a long experience in public administration (Ministry of Finance in Albania), Civil society sector and experience in managing different donor


  • Strategic planning in Public Finance, development of sector strategies, specifically drafting, developing, monitoring and evaluation of the Medium Term Debt Strategy (Ministry of Finance) from 2008-2013.
  • Project preparation implementing EU public procurement rules and preparation of tendering applications.
  • Policy analysis, in relation to the Management of Public debt issues, in the context of macroeconomic framework and composition of the public debt portfolio and risks relating to debt portfolio.
  • Professional experience in managing grant contract and monitoring implementation with regard to financial aspects according to PRAG procedures, monitoring and visibility issues, IPA funded projects.
  • Professional experience in financial management, project cycle management, project proposal writing, preparation of documents requested from different EU calls or other donor funding activities, coordination of expert activities,
  • Experience in conducting surveys, focus group, analyzing statistical data and producing reports.
  • Experience in organizing workshops, conferences, round tables, preparation of visibility materials and satisfaction of visibility requirements.
  • Professional experiencefor preparing the medium-term debt strategy, developing an efficient market for the government securities, assessing risk portfolio by quantifying different kind of risks such as: market, credit, interest and exchange rate risk; preparing accurate debt reports; assessing guarantees, on lending and local borrowing portfolio; designing new debt instruments;